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Adding Songs

Started by Ruckman65, February 15, 2017, 02:47:59 AM

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I am using SLM and have around 400 songs in our repertoire. I'd like to try BandHelper but will obviously need to import the songs. I have all the songs on my PC in .wav format and when they are imported into SLM via iTunes, they are converted to AAC format. What would be the best way to import all of my songs into BandHelper?  Rather than find a program to convert 400 .wav songs to MP3 then export them, can I export them directly from iTunes to BandHelper (in AAC format)? Is there a better way than that?


You can find the AAC files in your iTunes folder, zip them and batch-upload them through the BandHelper web interface. Instructions are here:

AAC files should play in the iOS and Android apps, but won't play in all web browsers, so you might consider converting the files to MP3 (you can do this within iTunes) and uploading the MP3 files instead. If you like, you could test this by dragging an AAC file directly into your preferred web browser to see if it plays there.