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Started by toddincharlotte, February 16, 2017, 03:50:27 PM

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Hey guys, new to the forum, new to BandHelper. I think this is going to be thee platform for me. I'm going to go with entering my charts into the lyrics UI. I noticed that pasting my existing charts into the UI doesn't save my formatting. I was wondering if anyone had some tips or suggestions on reformatting my charts to work with the lyrics UI better. I was thinking a truetype font like Courier might work better or maybe some margins that correspond better with the UI parameters.


Some formatting will carry over, but not all. BandHelper's built-in text fields have less formatting capabilities than a full word processor. The font in your files doesn't really matter because the lyrics will display in BandHelper according to the Settings > Appearance > Lyrics Font setting. Also, the margins don't matter because BandHelper doesn't use margins, although you could create the illusion of margins by resizing the document viewer in your layout if you wanted to.

In general I would say that if your plan is to copy content from existing files into BandHelper, don't bother doing any additional formatting in the files, just copy it and go from there. There could be exceptions to that rule if you are encountering some kind of problem when pasting.


Changing my font settings in BandHelper really helped.

FWIW, I found copying my truetype font chords/lyrics into word and then changing the font to match the font in settings aids in getting the charts into BH.  Chords line-up.  No funky wrapping long lyric lines etc.  Just my experience, YMMV.