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Feature Request: Search option in perform mode

Started by lowdencleere, February 16, 2017, 02:09:21 PM

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Hi Arlo (or anyone else who can help),

I notice there is a search box to find a particular show, in the list of shows.
I would love a similar feature on the live performing list.

I populate many different combos of songs into a show, generally 3 to 4 times more than I need and I tweak the song selections as I go.

At times, I need to locate a song quickly during performing. It can take me too long, so sometimes I use "quick add" to search it out ( even though it's in my show) - then "quick add" puts it into the list (again!) at the current position. This is fine to find that song in isolation but, very often that particular song will be arranged in a nice trio of songs or similar, hence I would love to be able to "quick find" a song in my show to see it in its context.

Love the App,

Tony from Ireland


This is on my wish list and I'll add a vote for you.


Many thanks.....
To be honest I had updated the app a few times and missed some cool new features ( major ones ) - it gets better and better  :D

Could I add to your wish list....

I use one custom layout all the time when performing.
When using smart lists and I want to switch to a different list I always have to re-select the layout each time - would be cool if:-
A) a default layout could be preferenced
B) the layout selection happened before the smart list selection, that way it would mean going back only one level, changing the smart list, then straight back to perform layout.

Thanks again,


When you're viewing a smart list, you can tap the smart list title in the top toolbar to show a popup of all the smart lists, and select one there to load it without leaving that screen.


Two years later: as of today's version 6.0.3 release, if you "quick add" a song that is already in a show, that song will be selected rather than added again.