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Korg Pa3x Send Midi Song

Started by dasahead, February 28, 2017, 05:20:31 AM

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Is there a way to send Korg Pa3X Songbook song midi number?
The field "song number" doesn't change the songbook entry. So I use the midi presets:
B0 63 02
B0 62 40
B0 06 (HEX song number div 100)
B0 26 (HEX song number mod 100)


The MIDI Song Number field sends a song select message, which is a simple and specific message that unfortunately few vendors support. It sounds like you need to send a different message, not a song select message. Does the hex code you came up with do the job?


Yes. Works fine. I made a midi preset for every song and i solved my problem in this (difficult way). As I know this Hex code works for all Korg Pa series


BTW your app is so great that I bought also SLM and Bandhelper subscriprion as "thank you"

Mr. K. Ross "Kim" Gardner


I have been playing Korg since (2003) PA1X and now have a PA3X. I am an avid user of BandHelper and eventually would like to bring up a song in BandHelper and send the MIDI message to the PA3X to change to the next settings. Have you done this or do you know how to do it? I can't seem to find the full code to use other than a zero. That doesn't help.