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what features are missing from the web interface? VS the App?

Started by endoverend, March 07, 2017, 09:06:40 PM

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I am rather new to BH, I have found that there are features in the IOS app that differ from the PC interface and It seems that the IOS app functionality is superior yet I want to input all of my song data from my PC and I think some features are unavailable.

First thing I would like to be able to do on the PC app is Keep Formatting from MS Word docx files (formatting in BH could be more clearly explained)
I tried to use .docx files and get the background to be black and failed , then I pasted all text into each Lyrics field which gave me more flexibility.
I found it easier to copy lyrics from Google Play into BH at the Bar on wifi than copy them on my PC at home from a word docx.

Settings on the PC app are totally different that Settings on the IOS app - I would put a list of what functions are in each app inside of the settings page of each respective app - (what is missing and - go to * vs (PC/IOS) of app for this feature, until we build it in) maybe build in a grayed out function with a redirect to the other app?

If there is a comparison chart, please send me link

so far this app is great!


Generally, the web interface is designed for managing your data and the mobile apps are designed for accessing it in rehearsal or performance. Here's a comparison chart: