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Add "Scroll Duration" Field to web interface or Set Default with new songs?

Started by chris@katsukurimedia, March 03, 2017, 03:01:06 PM

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One of the best things about BH is the Scroll function for lyrics. I can start it and just sing, not worrying about tapping a pedal or the screen for pages, then losing my place on the page.

For me, I like to put a bunch of returns/spaces at the top of the document, and then have the lyrics. These extra returns make it so I don't have to mess with Pre-Scroll or anything, and I just add more or less to adjust things as needed. Also adding more returns throughout the song to space out solos, vamps, etc.

With this, I found that a Scroll Duration of 3 minutes is usually perfect for all my lyrics. It would be great if I could set the Scroll Duration right from the Website, since that's what I use to add songs anyway - get it all done right there. Currently I have to remember to set the Scroll Duration on my performance device before I play. If I forget, I see the -X:XX timer counting down and I just edit it quickly before I sing.

But it'd be great to have access to that from the website. I'm guessing though that the parameter is on the Device. I know we have Song Duration, but I don't use that, as it uses the Pre-Scroll and just doesn't work the way I want (as far as I could tell).

If that can't get to the website, can there be a Default Scroll Duration setting added? I'd just put everything to 3 minutes and then adjust as needed.



You can't set this on the website, but in the app you can set Settings > General Settings > Defaults > Song Duration to 3:00 and then any song that doesn't have a specific duration entered will use this duration.


I do use that Default Song duration, but it's not quite what I am suggesting/requesting.

It does set the duration to 3 minutes for Set List length computation. But if I open the song and start the auto-scroll, on one song I got -20 seconds (pre-scroll, no movement), then it changed to 2:22 and started scrolling. Other songs have different times, never the same. So it seems to still be calculating based off number of lines in the lyrics.

I would prefer to have all new songs start with a 3 minute Scroll Duration, as leaving that particular field blank makes the app calculate a range of different scroll timings.

This isn't a huge deal, but thought I'd put a feeler out. I'll try to add more detail to this at another time. Thanks Arlo!


If you don't want to have the pre-roll calculated automatically, you will have to change Settings > General Settings > Auto-Scroll > Calculate Auto-Scroll Duration to Manual, then enter a pre-roll duration for every song. The auto-scroll duration will default to the song duration or the default song duration, but there is no default for the pre-roll duration, so you will have to set those.