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programming midi note on messages for DMXIS lighting controller

Started by Sonasrec, March 09, 2017, 09:42:30 AM

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I'm a newbie to SLM. I use Dmxis for my lighting. It's a midi controlled dmx box. You change banks & presets with midi notes on midi ch15 &16. I can't seem to get set list maker to send a note on message to dmxis. I'm using an alesis io as midi port & it seems to be sending midi info to my macbook. I've failed though, to get my head round the hex codes for midi note on & I can't get SLM to send midi. Any help appreciated, thanks.


Here are some examples of hex code for MIDI Note On messages:

9E 28 7F = note 40 on channel 15
9F 3C 7F = note 60 on channel 16

Breaking it down:

9 = Note On
E or F = channel number 15 or 16
28 or 3C = note 40 or 60
7F = full volume

So the only parts you'd need to change are the channel number and note number. You can convert decimal numbers to hex numbers here:


Thanks Arlo.

I've since found that DMXIS can also be controlled using cc info. This appears to be working for me.

I'm looking forward to the next stage of programming the light show & using a screen share with other members of the band.

A long term wish I've had & I don't know if it can be achieved is.........during our gig we generally don't know what the next song will be until a minute before (always anticipating crowd reaction). Is there any way of cueing a song from a list so that other members can see what song is coming up next , but not selecting it until it's time to play it??  i.e. a little advance notice to band members what we're about to play next.

Thanks for yor help



I'm controlling our DMX Controller via SLM, one of these Eurolite Standard 192 Channel Operators.
If you are interested, I've created an Excel Sheet to create the hex code for launching the scenes.


dr_rollo, I have been stressing for over a week trying to get SLM to control my Chauvet DJ Obey 40. Emailing sales reps and Chauvet tech support with no luck. However, your Hex Code solution is working perfectly. Thanks so much!
Lead Guitarist, sound man and lighting engineer for Vice Squad Band