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Facebook Schedule Tab

Started by chonk, March 20, 2017, 01:10:45 PM

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How about a Facebook Schedule/Event Tab for Facebook?


I can't tell what you're asking for -- please describe it in more detail.


Other sites like, BandMix, ReverbNation etc. have custom facebook apps that allow for gig info to be pulled into a tab on your facebook page (see link).

I'm already using the schedule sharing to push the events to our website. It would be nice to have something similar so I don't have to create FaceBook events as well.

More apps:


I think a Facebook app could display a listing of your events, similar to the website widget, but wouldn't give you the functionality to send invites, post photos or offer a discussion thread, like a real Facebook event has. I'm not aware of any way to create real Facebook events other than manually on the Facebook website.

Is that your understanding of how these work?