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Video Playback

Started by dvukmiro, February 18, 2019, 05:35:10 PM

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Hi there! LOVE the fact that I can playback video directly from BandHelper. Two issues I'm running into. Even when I set the control for documents to Start/Stop on Song Selection, the videos won't auto play when I tap the name of the song. It actually takes 2 additional clicks after the song has been selected. Additionally, when I try to to the dual screen option, as you mention in the support page, the screens are actually reversed. The video plays back on my iPhone and the control screen is on the TV I'm testing. We are SOOO close to making this work and would love to make it happen even for a gig this coming weekend. Would appreciate the extra help. Thanks!


1) Did you change Settings > General Settings > External Display > Content to Document to show only the document (or video) on the external screen?

2) How are you connecting to the TV? I just tested this with a tablet and a phone over AirPlay and it worked as expected. I usually test with a tablet and a cable, but I didn't test with a phone and a cable yet.

3) What is the file size of the video? The song selection action works reliably for me, but I did hear from another user whose video didn't start on the first click and that might have been related to a larger video file size.


I tested this with a phone and a cable (Lightning to HDMI adapter) and did see a problem there, although different from what you're describing. The video showed just the first frame on the external display, but actually only played on the main display. It looks like iOS is taking the video to its own player on top of my app, covering up the controls in my app, and ignoring the external display. I'm not sure if I can do anything about that, but I can look into it further if that's your situation. This doesn't happen on a tablet.