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Controlling KRONOS Setlist from Bandhelper

Started by apilz, March 23, 2017, 10:56:56 PM

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Hi there... I've been away for a while.

I've been lookin at alternate ways to streamline patch changes and currently working with the KRONOS SETLIST function.

Does anyone know if it's possible to change a setlist on the Kronos with a program change?

My reason is that I'm getting intermittent issues with sending program changes from my iPad via the camera kit to USB B port on the KRONOS. And have resorted to making the setlist in the KRONOS as a backup.

Ps the midi is sending because when I change song the Kronos switches from setlist mode to program mode but doesn't select any patch. It usually works ok, although I've had issues before.. restart Kronos and BandHelper sometimes helps... can't afford to take this risk...
Thanks, Alan


Some keyboards that require two steps (a mode change and a program change) also require a delay between them. You can add that in BandHelper on the Settings > Audio & MIDI page. Does that help?


Thanks Arlo for the feedback...

It's quite strange... everything was working fine. I have nearly 6000 patches loaded into BandHelper 3000 for each of my Kronos keyboards. All was well, but for some reason now the Kronos doesn't want to respond??
If I'm in set list mode or combi mode and select a preset then the Kronos switches to program mode but fails to switch patch. So something's working but not like it used to. This happened to me a couple of times during a sound check and was remedied by powering off the Kronos and iPad. But that routine doesn't fix the problem now. I resorted to using the set list function on the Kronos as a back up. My question was whether anyone knew if I can select a specific set list song via midi then I could still use BH to select the right set list. Question is whether the fault still remains with trying this approach... :-) ps I never like not knowing what fixed a problem... for this very reason....
Thanks, Alan


I understood your question, but did you try my suggestion? Seems like that would be an easier solution, if that's what the problem is.

I might have other ideas if you submit a help ticket and then submit your troubleshooting info so I can see your setup.


I will give it a try tomorrow. My point was that my Kronos never needed this before? Has BandHelper changed in anyway with this regard.
I'll try and give you feedback.
Just one question; by mode change your referring to program mode or combi mode? I have a hex code for doing this. So one PC with the hex code for changing to program, followed by the bank preset? Right?
Thanks, Alan


No, BandHelper hasn't changed in this regard, but I think what you're describing is a common issue with some keyboards. To add a delay between the mode change and the program change, the easiest way is to send the mode change (program or combi) with hex code in the Raw MIDI field, and send the program change with decimal numbers in the bank and program change fields. Then make sure Raw MIDI is before Program Change in Settings > Audio & MIDI > MIDI Options > MIDI Preset Order, and add a value for "...with delay between."



Yes, you can configure BandHelper to put the Kronos into any Mode you wish, Voice, Combi, Sample, Set List etc. This does require raw SysEx commands however. Furthermore, you can additionally have the Kronos not only go to a specific Mode as I mentioned, but also go to a specific Voice, Combi or Set List selection/program.

Is this what you are asking?

Tinto Verano

Hi Numoid!

Where do I find the midi code to make the bandhelper app change the sounds on a Kronos 2015?