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Ipad Audio output

Started by Wilhelm, March 31, 2017, 06:32:39 AM

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I have SLM on my Ipad connected via IConnect Midi 2+ to my synth.
For rehearsal i playback MP3s via a phone-jack - submixer cable.
This worked until one of the last updates.
Now I only get sound out, when I disconnect the flash cable from the Ipad.

Im a little confused how to setup SLM to send the audio signal to the headphone jack,
when Iconnect Midi is connected.



iOS normally switches sound output to the Lightning jack when an audio device is connected there. If the audio device is basically a speaker, there's no way to use the headphone jack at the same time. If the audio device is a USB audio interface, you can use that at the same time as the headphone jack with the multi-route audio settings on the Settings > Audio & MIDI page.


I try that. Iconnect midi 2 is not a real autio interface but passes Audio through as far as i know.
The output was no problem with earlier slm versions.


The audio output functionality hasn't changed in Set List Maker recently. There could be a change in iOS that affects this, but this basic setup has always been the same as far as I know.

Are you sure this isn't a real audio interface? It seems to be described that way by the manufacturer. Did you try the multi-route audio settings?