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How to Control Bandhelper Song Selection using either Midi or Bluetooth

Started by rmarton123, April 10, 2017, 10:42:46 PM

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I have GR55 and an Android with a Midi interface which I currently select songs by my finger from Bandhelper Setlist or Song list. But I find in live situations I'd like the ability to step on a pedal of some sort to select the song In my Setlist or Song list.

Is there a Bluetooth or Midi solution you could point me towards?

So Basically Song 1 in set 1 will be the first song played and this already has the midi setting setup for my correct song patches. When I get to the next song list I want to stomp on a down arrow to go to the next song instead of taking my hand off the guitar and poking the Android with BandHelper opened.

The Bluetooth items I found on your page are more for tunring pages on the lyrics pages but that's not my first priority. Even though I could have a use for it on occasion.

Thanks in advance


It sounds like you found this already:

The list of programmable actions includes Next Song and Previous Song.