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Looping a file

Started by Kiff, April 09, 2017, 02:07:32 AM

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Ok three songs in a show list all parts of the same song.
The first is normal up until a " till ready " section.
The second is the till ready section lets say 2 or 4 bars looping until required to move on.
The third is the remainder of the song.

This scenario applies to a show i am running the music for, the "till ready" section is where
a singer is in the audience doing various gags etc, the music continueing until he gets back to the stage, the amount of time he takes is always different.
With a live band they would then segue to the remainder of the song.

I am hoping the looped section would be saved and always in a looped state until the last song is touched.
This leaves the central section to finish the loop and move on seamlessly.

So, is this possible, or are there any suggestions?

Another scenario is a colla voce intro where the piano follows the voice.
If say there were four introductory chords, each to be a separate file much longer than the chord, the sound or silence to be interrupted by touching the next song file in the list, then the piano would appear to be following the singer, and no timing help or sound is required. SLM is essentially behaving as a pianist.

Any thoughts?


It's not currently possible in this app. This forum post has more discussion about it:,1134.0.html