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Samsung USB MIDI

Started by Whiplash, April 13, 2017, 03:38:18 PM

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Hi folks,

I have a new Samsung Tab A 9" tablet, which is, according to several test apps I downloaded, USB Host-Capable.  I can use the OTG cable Arlo recommends, to read flashdrives, and the MIDI LED on my Roland UM One lights up when I connect it, but MIDI OUT and MIDI IN do not light. Have tried both Tab and Comp settings on the Roland. 

I have set the Folder and Song information in BandHelper presets, and set BeatBuddy to OMNI or Channel 1 (don't know what to do with Note On and Note Off and a few other things, but have tried most everything. Talked to Jay at BeatBuddy re proper enumeration for program and folder changes, and that part is correct, I'm certain. 

Songs are sequenced the same on both units. Even have a little power supply attached to the USB as Arlo recommends.

My goal: BeatBuddy changes to the appropriate song when I tap the song in my set list, or tap the MIDI icon beside the song. 

Been at this for months.  Nothing.

Maybe it's as simple as the Samsung Tab A really isn't USB Host- Capable....?

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.



Does the MIDI icon in the top toolbar of BandHelper blink when you send MIDI? But the MIDI Out light on the Roland MIDI interface doesn't?