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iOS apps sync and more (Audiobus, Loopy HD, DrumPerfectPro)

Started by looperjam, April 19, 2017, 05:48:20 PM

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Hi, I use a mini ipad with two main apps (Loopy HD and DrumPerfectPro).
1- How do I link BandHelper songs to their DrumPerfectPro drum patterns?
2- In Loopy HD, from an empty file, I just need to synchronize the time with BandHelper. How do I do that?
Thank you


1) You'd have to find out if DrumPerfectPro can be set to change patterns based on incoming MIDI messages, then find out what those messages are, then enter those messages into BandHelper MIDI presets.
2) In BandHelper, you'd turn on Settings > Tempo & Pitch > Send MIDI Beat Clock. I'm not sure what you'd have to do in Loopy.