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Author Topic: Play multiple audio clips simultainiously during rehearsal  (Read 2074 times)


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Hi there.
Being the bandleader in a Soulband - I'm faced with the challenge of bringing multiple sections together: Horns, Choir, Rythm section and me - lead singer.
We're only reahearsing once every month - sometimes not even as often. Each sections has their own rehearsals when needed.
I am currently making multiple mp3's according to the bands needs. Stems with a lot of horn, stems without horns, master mixes, mixes for choir and so on - it's a challenge!

Does any of you know some 3rd party Apps (for both android and ipad) that works with bandhelper, that is able of playing 4-5 stems (stereo MP3) and makes it possible for the bandmembers til solo, mute or "mix" these stems individually?

I have tried creating projects in Garage Band, but it is very time consuming to set up and export the project - not to mention the effort for the band members to import is into their own Garage Band.

Ideally a feature in Bandhelper with the abillity to link tracks together and a simple mute, solo and volume funktion would just make this wonderful app complete...

Hope to hear some suggestions

Cheers from Denmark


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Re: Play multiple audio clips simultainiously during rehearsal
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2017, 11:35:37 PM »
You are basically asking for a simple DAW inside Bandhelper and that would be a huge development task. Just the code to synchronise and mix the playback of multiple audio-tracks is far from trivial. It is not like a simple audio-player for which there is ready-made code to be linked in to an app. I would rather go with a simple form of DAW, but not GarageBand which isn't avilable to users outside Apple's universe. I don't know about Denmark, but here in Norway there are just as many Android-users as there are iOS-users, even among musicians. Most people I know who use computers at home for practise-purposes use a PC or Mac and for those platform you've got a decent alternative in the form of Audacity. It is free with support for Windows, Mac and Linux. There are multitrack recording/playback apps for tablets and smartphones too, but I'm not aware of any good ones that will run on both Android and iOS devices.