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BANDHELPER App need to send Midi Pre-Set command upon selecting song.

Started by NUMOiD, May 11, 2017, 07:45:07 PM

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Some confusion here. I have viewed YouTube videos and read several similar requests here... but the directions mentioned do not seem to apply to the current version of BandHelper.

All I want to do is when selecting a Song to have that Song then automatically send my attached Midi Pre-set. Currently I have to select the Midi Icon to do this. Like I said the directions I find here are at least a year old and cannot be performed (to my knowledge) as instructed.

Please be detailed and specific in your instructions.

Thanks in advance,


To send a MIDI preset when selecting a song, you can turn on Layouts > [layout name] > Edit Details > Song Selection Actions > Send MIDI.

This only works when viewing a show.