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USB midi routing

Started by l.leynse, May 22, 2017, 11:58:06 AM

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I would like to control 2 keyboards/synthesizers with Bandhelper, sending midi presets to different devices. My questions is how I can connect my iPad via USB to the 2 devices. Can I use a USB Hub or do I have to buy specific equipment?

Regards, Leo


Here are some options:

1) Get a USB MIDI interface with one port, then chain the keyboards together with the In and Thru ports.

2) Get a USB MIDI interface with one port, and a MIDI hub.

3) Get a USB MIDI interface with multiple ports, like this one:

4) Get a wireless MIDI interface for each keyboard, like these:


Hello Arlo,

Thanks for the information. Does it mean that you can only use devices with MIDI DIN ports?



You can also use MIDI devices with USB ports if the USB port is a class-compliant MIDI interface. I don't know if you could connect to more than one device this way -- I'm not sure if the USB MIDI connections would work through a USB hub.


Maybe this will help. Hope at least some of it will . . .
It's distantly related to Arlo's suggestion (1).
(if it sounds familiar, it may be because I posted an edition of "War and Peace" 2-1/2 years ago that mentioned this) ;D
I'm working on coming out of "retirement" and my proposed rig is:

  • iPad mini
  • Roland RD-700NX on bottom (has MIDI IN, OUT 1, OUT 2, and THRU/OUT 3 5-pin jacks).
  • Kurzweil PC3 on top (has MIDI IN, OUT, and THRU 5- pin jacks).
Both boards also have USB type B ports.

  • Lightning to camera adapter to USB MIDI (B) on the RD700NX.
(Here I have to confess I took a non-recommended but effective step, extending the lightning cord with a short garden-variety USB printer cable; but hey, it works!)

  • 5-pin MIDI OUT 2 from the RD to 5-pin MIDI IN on the PC3.
(oddly, the "THRU" port didn't work)

Seems to work just fine so far.

- Mike

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I am using the iConnectivity MIDI interface networked to a wireless router.  This allows me to distribute commands from my foot controller (attached to the iConnectivity) or from a wireless iPad or another device connected to the iConnectivity (keyboard and guitar patches).  Still tweaking but so far I am happy with the setup.