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Switching Midi Patches within a song

Started by rmarton123, May 26, 2017, 05:52:07 AM

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Let's say I have a song saved with 3 patches
1. Accoustic Guitar for the intro
2. Organ for Rhythm
3. Violin for a solo

I want to start with 1, go to 2 and switch to 3 for my solo then get back to 2

I'm in a live band and setting up times switches doesn't work well.

I need to be able to use a pedal of some sort to switch between the patches

What is your suggestion please.

I use
1. Android as my midi patch changer via OTG connection to a
2. Midi compliant switching device which I also have true 5 pin in and out and through as well as USB connections for pedals and TRS for more pedals. Look it up. It's a MIDIX-20 from
3. GP-10 for my sound module

So essentially I'm looking to switch between patches not necessarily engage fx etc


I have a feeling you might refer me to this link. And I'm good with that. I checked it out. It's good.

Problem is I can't use Automation because the band may not always keep a consistent beat and the automation will make the changes come too early or too late.

and #18 says send all patches together. But I don't understand I don't want to play Acoustic, Organ and Violin at the same time. I want to select them as I need them. I do have an Air Turn that could help but currently I'm using it to go up and down through the songs in my set list. Could re-purpose it though.

I would like to know if I could trigger 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 then 3 to 2 and even 3 to 1 or 1 to 3 with a pedal? And I'm a guitarist so the patch button on the layout screen is difficult for me because I need my hands on my guitar. Let my feet do the dancing.

Please help with this. I'm sure other people would like to figure this out too.


You can select MIDI presets from a remote control device like a foot switch:

You have two basic options with foot switches. You can assign them to the Next MIDI Preset and Previous MIDI Preset remote control actions, then you only need two foot switch buttons to jump around in your presets ... but it would take two button presses, for example, to jump from preset 3 to preset 1. Or you can assign them to the MIDI Preset 1-10 remote control actions, then you can jump directly to preset 1, 4, 2, 3, etc. with a single button press ... but you would need as many foot switch buttons as you have presets attached to a song.

Some suggested foot switch options are here: