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Adding songs directly from chord/lyric websites

Started by shibetpc, June 06, 2017, 03:39:37 AM

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I'm a new BandHelper user, migrating from another app.  One of the features that is important to me is being able to add lyrics and chords live on the fly during a gig.  Typically we look up the chords and lyrics on one of the many sites available.  I am migrating from another app, which despite its many other shortcomings, had a nice feature of being able to search the web from the app (sites like chordie, ultimate guitar, or just google) for lyrics and chords.  Once you had navigated to a page containing the chordpro format, it would automatically recognize it and give the ability to import it and create a new song.  Is there a similar capability in BandHelper?  If not, what is the process that others use on the fly?

Thanks in advance for any assistance :)


BandHelper does not import content directly from third-party websites, and wasn't designed for populating your account during a gig. You can search the web yourself and then copy and paste what you find into your BandHelper songs, but it would probably be easier just to read the lyrics directly from the website where you find them in that situation.