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Different settings for each project?

Started by dr_rollo, June 26, 2017, 01:38:49 PM

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Actually an easy situation: I'm using two projects in BH, one for each band. In the one band we're using a Behringer X32 and int the other a Behringer XR18. Both mixers were controlled by different apps. For each of it I created an App in BH, the only two Apps I currently have. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to define different settings for each project. When moving from one band to the other I need to set the order for the Apps. The only workaround I've found until now was to add a multiple app field for the layouts, what is ok as long as I'm using just two apps.
I would appreciate to have the option of different settings for each project.


Making all the settings separate for each project would be difficult, but making just the apps project-specific would be relatively easy. I think then it would make sense to move the Apps list into the Repertoire module. I'll put that on my wish list and will let you know if I can do that.