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SLM syncing but how to protect changes from other members?

Started by SLM-user, July 02, 2017, 07:23:38 PM

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I have used SLM for a while, mainly to send midi program changes to my pedalboard.  It has been really useful to me, so I encouraged other band members to purchase one too.

Within the band, two people play in other bands so we have a situation of multiple databases, different layouts, documents and lyrics.

So, I use my SLM for midi.
The drummer would use it for displaying tempo and possible song cue/reminder.
Two singers will use it for scrolling lyrics.

So far I synced my database (which has no lyrics) with one of the singer, with the idea that she can add the lyrics on her iPad.

I am worried that she will change some of the existing data and that if the devices sync I will run into problems.  How can I protect my data from being changed by another member?

Is there a way to sync only the documents, notes, chords etc.?

We do not use a click track.


You can set bandmates to read only, but if you want your bandmates to enter their lyrics or other info, that won't work. I would recommend talking with your bandmates about what data each of you will manage and remind them that you are sharing a database and anything they change or delete will affect others. Also keep in mind that you can roll back any changes anyone (including yourself) makes, so you don't need to worry too much.