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Question: PED eject

Started by Teddy, July 09, 2017, 11:03:56 AM

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Hi Arlo/members,

I'm using the PED bluetooth pedal and love it.  One problem I've experienced is when I try to edit a song, the on screen keyboard is disabled.  Is there a method to quickly toggle between bluetooth keyboard and onscreen keyboard within the BH app?  Is there a button/icon within layouts that will allow me to toggle on and toggle off the bluetooth keyboard?  Or a quick on/off under the RemoteControl icon?

Please advise.


The easiest way is to press the keyboard button on the PED. From within BandHelper, it might also work to tap the foot switch button in the top toolbar and press the button to disable keyboard input, but I'm not sure and I can't get my PED paired right now to check it.