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Automation Pause possible?

Started by Reverend J, July 11, 2017, 03:55:35 AM

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Reverend J

I'm trying to set automation using a midi footswitch to move the lyrics to a particular spot when I hit the switch; PAUSE on that screen; then move to another spot in the song WHEN I HIT THE FOOTSWITCH. Is this possible?

Right now, I can record two page moves in automation, but the second move has to be timed; it won't wait for a midi signal.

I know there have been requests for page markers to be added to do the same thing I"m asking to do.

Is that a possibility?? Would love to see it in your app (which is wonderful, BTW!)

Rev. J


I think what you're asking for is what I think of as a manually triggered automation track. I'm hoping to add that later this year and I'll let you know if I can do it.

Reverend J

Ok. Being able to set "page breaks" would be wonderful.

I find setting automation to be exact is tough. The scrolling feature is very unreliable given the human element of tempo and time fluctuation.



The new app version released today includes a button for adding markers to lyrics, and then any page function will jump to the markers. More details and a demo video are here:,1785.0.html