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Phasing Out Database Syncing

Started by arlo, July 10, 2017, 12:33:59 PM

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I am using Set List Maker V 2.2.8(98) on a Samsung Tab S2.
I am trying to export my database and have deleted the old sync name and password, but I cannot find any button in the upper toolbar that relates to syncing or export/import. What am I missing? What page should it appear on?


Is Settings > Appearance > Top Toolbar Buttons > Database Import/Export turned on? It's on by default, but some people have turned it off.


That did it. (I should have seen that.) Thanks

Dennis Dubeau

Hi arlo...

Well, I tried to email the database to a google cloud account, which has worked but only resulted in a 1,29 Meg of data.. I KNOW that I have a little over 16 GIGS of mp3 data...  if I switch to Band Helper... What is the size limit? Does it back up everything at ONCE or do I have to fiddle with the database in order to make them into smaller chunks?


Set List Maker's export function, like the sync function before it, doesn't include your attached recordings; you have to install those onto your devices yourself as before.

You aren't really using 16GB of recordings in Set List Maker, are you? At an average of 5MB per MP3, that would be 3200 songs.


Hi Arlo,

As every year we have a little break with the band in the beginning of the year. Yesterday I saw that you've unfortunately deactivated the DB sync function and was surprised in a bad way. I'm still a user of ver. 3.4.5 and I'm very satisfied with this old version, it does everything I need to have in a superb way. I have 4 devices (3 iPads and 1 iPhone) where I have SLM installed. I primary use a iPad 3 (iOS 7) espeacially at live gigs, the other 3 devices have more or less backup functions. However the DB sync function was very important for me to get the changes on all of my devices.

Do I have any chances to avoid the manual changes on every single device with the old version 3.4.5?

May I use Bandhelper for synching with version 3.4.5?




Sorry, there's no longer any way to sync your data with version 3.4.5. (That version is four years old now!)

You could back up your device to iTunes, then restore your other devices from that backup ... but that's time-consuming and it would probably be easier to repeat your changes manually unless you're making a lot of updates.