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Reset/restart song button

Started by LWP413, July 20, 2017, 01:02:12 AM

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Hi guys

Is there anyway to reset or restart a song without having to go back-and-then-forward-again?

When we're rehearsing, we'll all start scrolling at the same time. Then sometimes we'll have to stop, discuss something, and start the song again... if we go back to the top and start scrolling again, the song keeps on scrolling from the point we stopped it at. So normally we have to go back to the previous song, and then forward again to the song we are on, so that it "resets".

Am I missing an easy way around this? Is there a restart button I can add to my layout, so that we can start again from the top and have the song begin with the pre-scroll?

Thanks for the great app.


To restart the auto-scrolling, you would need to reselect the song. If your layout contains a song list, you can just click the song title again to do that. If it doesn't contain a song list, you can add a song list button to show it, and a song selection action to hide it when you select a song (so it would take two clicks in that case).