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How do I connect my Ipad to my VL3

Started by Papa John, July 21, 2017, 02:38:32 PM

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Papa John

I run BandHelper on my iPad 3, mini.  LOVE this app!
I use a TC Helicon Voice Live 3 (VL3) for guitar effects, harmonies, etc.

It is time now to get these guys talking, but I'm having no luck.

So first of all, the cable I am using goes directly from the iPad to a standard USB connection. For some reason I thought I read somewhere that you have to connect to the MINI-USB port for MIDI..? Is this true?

I set up a MIDI device called VL3 with:

  • Port: All
  • Channel 1
  • Numbering 0-127

Then I go to set up a midi preset, and I don't really know what to do.  Trying to press "LEARN" but nothing seems to be getting received.

Been searching the world over for some video or help, but can't find much....

Has anyone done this successfully, If so, I could really use your help!


Papa John, the VL3 does require a mini USB port, or a standard midi cable.  I use an apple camera connection kit, this converts my lighting to a USB female.  I then connect with a standard USB male/ USB male mini into the back of my VL3.  You will need to go into the settings of VL3 and set the midi input to USB too, and set your channel out put to channel 1 to match the device you set up inside Bandhelper.  Once you've done this you set up midi presets inside bandhelper and attach those presets to your songs!  MIDI presets should be set up with no Bank MSB.  You should only need Bank LSB and Program numbers.  For example my preset 400 on my VL3 has the number 3 in the Bank LSB location and the number 15 in the program location.  Read the VL3 manual for details about the Bank LSB increments.

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Non-CC messagesPitch BendMIDI Clock Bank select Preset select MIDI Notes0-3 0-127 Papa John, this info is from page 100 of the Voicelive 2 manual on TC's website:
Presets 1-128=Bank 0, 129-256=Bank 1, 257-384=Bank 2, 384-400=Bank 3, etc.

To choose a specific preset in a Bank the scheme is 0=preset #1, 1=preset #2 etc.  So preset 1's Bank LSB is 0, and program is 0 too.  To get to preset 129 on your VL3 - Bank LSB is 1 and program is 0 as 129 is the first preset in that Bank.  Preset 256 for example would be Bank LSB is one and preset is 127.  This info was sorely missing in the VL3 manual As I recall but I've had my VL2 since 2009, so was familiar with this Bank and program scheme.  Good luck!

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Papa John

Thanks for the replies.  For anyone else reading this thread, the hardware solution was to purchase an iConnetction MIDI+2 and the optional power supply.  I had to get the power supply so the iPad would continue to charge while I'm performing.  Most everything works as expected now, although I just posted a new thread where I am stuck with program change issues...


I use THIS for the VL3 USB cable to VL3  , the other cable is your normal lightning charger cable to  charge as you play

hope that helps

Bill Padley