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MIDI feature request

Started by davelson, January 01, 2024, 01:58:13 PM

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Hi Arlo

I make extensive use of BH MIDI features to send Prgram Changes and Control Changes to my Floor pedals... Works great using the MIDI Presets.

The only Layout feature that I cannot create is a Slider which will send a MIDI CC to my Boss RC-600 to control volume of Track and/or Rhythm output. I have found a Master Volume slider in the Layout control options, but this appears to only control my iPad volume, could an assignable slider option be created in BH? If multiple sliders could be created I could control several volume Assigns

Currently my only option for this feature is to use the TouchOSC app and flip between apps when performing - not an easy option.

Thanks in advance...


This is on my wish list and I'll add a vote for you.

Meanwhile, if TouchOSC (or another MIDI control surface app) supports multi-window mode, you could run it side by side with BandHelper. But you would have to give up about a third of your screen space to do that.


Many thanks Arlo

Have considered the TouchOsc/split screen option, but I need max space for BH lyrics.... Eagerly awaiting any update which would enable this


I used to use an app called Side Car for simple Midi Sliders. Easy to use and set up, but a bit ugly.  You could run this in split view on an iPad if you are on IOS.