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Noob needs setup advice

Started by tylerdrdn, July 29, 2017, 11:52:59 PM

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New to Midi and band helper so pardon the dumb questions.

My goal: to have band helper make patch/scene changes on my axe fx2, select patches in MainStage 3 as well as trigger backing track playback, scroll lyrics/notation on all members iOS device's, in synch and of course do it all in real time.
some songs we do require a number of patch changes on both the axefx2 and mainstage's a nightmare of a tap dance and I'd like to eliminate it if possible.

Didn't know this was possible until reading about band helper on the fractal forum.  But If I'm reading it correctly this is within the scope of the app

what I have: Axe fx2/Sapphire pro 40/mainstage3/ MacBook Pro/irig bluboard/axiom 61

So the questions are: is it Possible to do what I need entirely through band helper , and if so what additional hardware/connection do I need to make this work?

Again sorry for the lack of knowledge, and I hope I posted this in the correct place. 

Seriously excited this might be possible as it opens a ton of options for our band.

Thanks in advance


Yes, it can do all this, but you've listed a lot of significant functionality, so it will take some time to set it all up:

I would start with playing backing tracks:

Then set up auto-scrolling on your device:

Then send MIDI to your outboard devices for patch changes:

Then you can automate the sending at specific times relative to your backing track:

Finally, you can link other devices to select songs and scroll lyrics on their screens:


Thanks for there reply. Good to know it's possible.

Looks Like I have some research to do .