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Getting started from a collection of charts

Started by arlo, August 13, 2017, 12:03:01 AM

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If you're just getting started with BandHelper, and you currently have your song lyrics or charts saved as separate files, you can quickly populate your account from those files:

  • Zip the files together on your computer.
  • Log into and go to the Repertoire > Documents page.
  • Choose your zip file from the Batch Import field at top of the list, and click Submit.

BandHelper will load your documents into your account, create a corresponding song for each document, and download the songs and documents to all the devices connected to your account. Please note:

  • When you create songs this way, the songs will only contain a title, but you can then go back and enter more info, like key, tempo, tags and notes.
  • PDF is the best file format for cross-platform compatibility. The iOS app can display Word, RTF and other formats, but the Android app and website can only display PDFs. If your files are in another format, I recommend converting them to PDFs before importing them.
  • If you don't have documents for your songs, but you do have audio recordings of the songs, you can import the recordings instead. Just zip them together and upload them on the Repertoire > Recordings page, and BandHelper will create songs from the recordings and start syncing the recordings.