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Drummer needs

Started by Jack Boyd, August 15, 2017, 06:36:06 PM

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Jack Boyd

Hi Arlo,
New guy here, trying to find the right app for me to read drum charts, while playing live. Since my collection of charts is very old, they are on paper, and include many years of notes, white outs, reminders, scribbled marks, etc.
So, what is the best way to get them into the app, as they exist now?
And, since they are all more than one page long, I'm especially interested in seeing how the auto scrolling looks, as it goes from page to page.
The guitarist in my band uses your app and loves it!
Thanks for your help.


You can photograph your paper charts and attach them as documents to your songs. If you're using iOS, you can do this right within the app. On Android, you can use the Camera app and then copy the photos into the app's file directory and then attach them to your songs.

If you have a multi-page chart, you can attach a JPEG for each page, so you would have multiple JPEGs attached to the song and then you can switch between the JPEGs with a hotspot on the screen, or a remote control device like a foot switch. However, you cannot auto-scroll if the pages are saved as separate files like that. It would be better to combine the pages of each chart into a multi-page PDF file, and attach the PDF to the songs. Then you can manually scroll or auto-scroll between pages, and your file management will be easier as well, with just one file per song rather than one file per page.

On a Mac, you can do this with the built-in Preview app; I'm not sure what's available for Windows.

Jack Boyd

Okay, great!
So, iPad and multi-page PDF's it shall be.
Thanks for the help and advice.