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Feature Request: Extend Automation duration after event time edit

Started by Ahiru, September 26, 2017, 03:13:37 AM

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A convenience feature request:  If you edit the occurrence time of an Automation event and that time is later than the last captured Automation event for the song, then extend the Automation duration to include that (now latest) event.

Rationale: In work flow I sometimes find it easier to record an Automation MIDI event at an arbitrary time near a song start, stop Automation recording, and then just edit the event to the time I want.  For some MIDI events I want them to occur a couple of seconds after a backing track Recording playback has ended (e.g. turning off vocal reverb effects).  However, I've found that editing an event so it is later than the previously latest event (in this case the duration of the backing track Recording), it seems to be ignored during playback.  I'm guessing that the Automation event table has some 'total duration' limit that gets bumped during true brute-force Automation recording, but maybe not as a result of event time edits.


That should be how it already works. I just verified with a test on my iPad. When I moved an event later than the previous latest event, the event I moved was still triggered at the expected (now latest) time.

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