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BandHelper 3.2 for iOS / 2.2 for Android

Started by arlo, October 30, 2017, 09:26:05 AM

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I've just released a major update with significant new features. You can read all the details in the release notes, or watch one of two new demo videos:

iOS release notes:
Android release notes:
Demo video (detailed):
Demo video (condensed):

Here are the contents of the detailed video:

00:36 two columns for lyrics or documents
01:56 lyrics and document markers and pagination
06:21 karaoke lyrics
07:30 new layout actions
10:11 layout layering
11:34 scroll multiple buttons
12:12 put any text in brackets, and hide/show bracketed chords
13:09 break/pause timer
13:37 search for lyrics and song facts
14:13 smart copies
17:17 list filters
18:13 scroll song list remote control action and next preset or song action
20:44 layout MIDI presets
22:09 paired presets

As with any major release, it's best not to install right before a gig, and if the app is critical to your live show, it's best to wait a couple weeks for any initial issues to be addressed.

I'll update this post if any issues are discovered.


Arlo, this update is insane!!! Great job!!!


Remarkable work, Arlo. Well done and thank you.


Here are the major issues I'm tracking in the new release:

- Attaching a document or recording in the app fails (iOS and Android) - fix submitted Nov. 1 (3.2.1 / 2.2.1)
- Auto-scrolling a PDF is jerky (Android) - fix submitted Nov. 1 (2.2.1)
- Drag button on Edit Songs page might be pushed off the screen (Android) - fix submitted Nov. 7 (2.2.2); workaround: use this page in landscape orientation
- Next/Previous Page functions are erratic in multi-page documents (iOS and Android) - fix submitted Nov. 7 (3.2.2 / 2.2.2); workaround: change pages by dragging the document
- Auto-scrolling doesn't start from the same action that toggles a full-screen document (iOS) - fix submitted Nov. 7 (3.2.2); workaround: start auto-scrolling from a different action, like a two-fingered tap
- App crashes on launch on Spanish language devices (Android) - fix submitted Nov. 14 (2.2.3); workaround: change your device language to another language, then launch app and change Settings > Interface Language to another language, then return your device language to Spanish


That, sir, is one remarkable update!

One thing. On quick-adding a song to a setlist, can't see which is the original song or the smart copy. Several smart copies might be even harder I suppose.


Good point -- I'll put that on my to do list.


Just in case anyone likes this idea.  I've decided to use the hi-lite feature with automation instead of scrolling to advance the lyrics.  This allows more precision along with editing and also allows me to add an accurate 2 bar count in at the beginning of the song.  In case you can't hear it on the video or it's not clear. Here is what i've done to get the count in...

-I add the count in as lyrics
-start to record the automation
-double tap each count in (as arlo demonstrates in this update video)
-then start the recording (which i use only for reference)
-there's a website i use to get the millisecond calculations for the tempo
-go into the automation edit and edit each count in event
so if its 480 milliseconds between beats the first line 1 would be 0, line 2 would be .48 line 3 would be .96  line 4 would be 1.44 etc.
-the event that starts the recording would be .48 milliseconds after the last count in
(you may have to go into the recordings and trim the beginning of the song or massage it a bit in the automation edit or a combination of both to get the recording to start on beat)
-then i record record the automation again (it overdubs as opposed to overwrites) and double tap the lyrics as i want them to advance
(i chose to do every other line as i just want to be in the ball park)
-once i am happy that it all lines up I go into automation edit one more time to remove the automation event that starts the recording as we don't use the recordings live in our band

As long as we play in tempo it should all line up pretty good, if we notice any issues we can adjust in the edit window.

I've attached a youtube video to demonstrate.  For the purpose of the demonstration, I haven't deleted the "start recording" event yet.


Cool idea, thanks for sharing! Your custom layout looks good, too.


Another observation.
The current song lighlight bar has changed colour from light blue to grey. This is good news for the songs which were pale blue but terrible news for songs which are now purple. They are almost impossible to see, certainly for me, and I don't think I have a colour vision problem.
Thanks Arlo


Hmm, it looks like the wrong shade of gray slipped in there somehow. It should be a little darker in the dark color theme and a little lighter in the light color theme and the correct values do provide better contrast against the purple. That will be fixed in the next update.


Great job, Arlo, this update rocks!!!  The song copy feature is so helpful, I really can customize each gig, without having to undo customizations after the gig is over!!!  Yes!!!!



Current song highlight colour:
Great news - good man - thanks yet again


One more possible heads-up for this update or maybe it would have happened before:
While editing our songs from within a setlist, to make their colours consistent with our chosen plan, BH crashed out twice.  I guess I edited around 25 songs (pure guesswork) and it perhaps crashed out after a similar number of edits each time.  It's not a big worry, as I think only 1-2 edits were lost - and easily re-instated.  I was editing on an iPad Air2.