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Connecting midi to DMX - What do u use?

Started by Uwe, September 27, 2017, 12:28:16 PM

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I am looking for a wireless solution that connects midi messages from the automation track in Bandhelper to DMX stage lighting systems.

Wired it's not a big deal.
But wireless, at least from the iPad to the AP....
Any ideas out there?


Hello Uwe
There are quite a few ways you can achieve that. My band uses Luminair software on an iPad that transmits DMX messages wirelessly to our eDMX Pro 1 interface. The eDMX Pro 1 is connected to the lights via DMX cable. It is a great solution, apart from the cost of the Luminair software, which is around $160.

Bandhelper can be on the same iPad and will send midi messages to Luminair. Luminair then wirelessly transmits the DMX messages to the eDMX Pro 1 interface which is attached to our Apple Airport router. This provides the local network required for wireless connectivity.   


Good afternoon Uwe. We started using American DJ MyDMX Buddy v3.0 about 6 months ago. You have to purchase the Buddy dongle and a software upgrade for midi and remote modules, but it does work well and was easy enough for a DMX dummy like me to figure out. All in something like $200.

My Bandhelper sends midi from iPad thru my wireless router to my MacBook where the DMX software is running.  DMX 3.0 also has an iPad app for remote control of the light scenes, so you can run either app, or both at the same time.

Of interest, I recently purchased some cheap wireless remote DMX devices for my system. Got the transmitter and 4 receivers for around $60, and now run no DMX cables in my setup at all, except for short 1-2' runs to connect lights together (because I am lazy and running cables is work).  Working really well so far with no real latency issues, but thats only been a few months. Heck, the wireless is cheaper than buying a bunch of DMX cables... but YMMV.


Hi guys,
your input is greatly appreciated.

@Zionplayer: We do use a system that needs a pc as ,communication server' and this is a nuissance.
One more difficult component in the middle......
I would like to get rid of a separate system here.

@Ruckman65: I found Luminair and it definitely looks good, but no trial app or period and such a steep price tag is somewhat difficult.

I wonder whether there is really no -wireless midi to DMX Bridge- out there. I mean there are tons of wireless interface, but none of the do understand midi.



Just to let you know about the solution I choose for the moment:

Simply a second iPad (old one, that I found lying around unused).....
It's remotely controlled by Bandhelper and sends out cabled midi via lightning usb interface.

Only drawback: can't be charged while operating.


What software are you running, Uwe, for the lights and what is the interface between the lights and your iPad.


I am using a dmxmaster 3fx, a dmx mixing console with midi input.
For the iPad I have a line6 midi interface.

Before that I tried dmxcontrol with a usbtodmx Interface and wireless midi on a windows system.
That proved to be a lot of complexity and instability.