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Display song's remaining timing 2nd iPad receiving Remote Control events?

Started by Ahiru, September 28, 2017, 10:36:03 AM

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Two iPads are set up with one master, the other slave, using Remote Control events from the Master to control the Slave.
All songs include automation, which trigger the playing of a Recording (backing track).
On the Master, the icon for Recording counts down remaining time of the Recording as the song plays.
However, on the Slave, this timing does not display.  I presume this is because there is no 'event' sent to the slave to change that icon, nor to cause the slave to also play the Recording (to a sink).

(The user of the slave iPad likes to see this time countdown to help queue them on where they are in the song.)

Is there some way to have the slave show some kind of time (elapsed or remaining) for that song?  (Maybe some other timing field, or commanding the slave to also start playing the Recording?)

Or does this pretty much require changing 'screen sharing' from the master to slave?
(I was hoping to avoid slinging that much data)


You could turn on Repertoire > Layouts > [layout name] > Edit Details > Song Selection Actions > Play Recording on the slave so that when you select a song on the master, the song will be selected on the slave and it will play its own local copy of that recording. However, you'll need to mute the volume on the slave so you don't hear its copy of the recording playing. There is no mechanism for playing them in sync. But the timer should be within a couple seconds of the master's, which it sounds like will be close enough for your purpose.

Screen sharing is the other option, but besides requiring more data transfer, that also takes away the ability for the slave device to show a different layout than the master.