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How to send MIDI to Kemper with SLM and Bluetooth

Started by Rene, November 05, 2017, 03:47:37 PM

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Hallo, maybe someone can help me with this question. I'm not that good with MIDI.

I have SLM connected via bluetooth to my Kemper-amp. I also have Bluefruit EZ-Key with 12 buttons. The first 5 (foot)-buttons control SLM:

1/Arrow up - next page
2/Arrow left - previous song
3/Arrow down - previous page
4/Arrow right - next song
5/Enter - scroll document

When I go to the next song than, SLM sends the MIDI Preset from each song to the Kemper-amp. And I can navigate through this song with these buttons. This is working perfect.

Now I would like to use the other 7 buttons for controlling the Kemper-amp. These buttons send the next value's:
#6 - space
#7 - the number '1'
#8 - the number '2'
#9 - lowercase 'w'
#10 - lowercase 'a'
#11 - lowercase 's'
#12 - lowercase 'd'
Can I use these outputs from the  Bluefruit EZ-Key as inputs in SLM  to send MIDI to the Kemper-amp?
For example to show/hide the tuner (hex code: B4 1F 01) or to put Delay on/off (hex code: B4 1C 01)?
I have no idea how to do this. Any help is appreciated!


Set List Maker can't respond to the w, a, s and d keys. It can respond to all the numbers 0-9. Can you program the EZ-Key to send those from the first 10 buttons? That would work -- but there would be no way to use buttons 11 and 12.


Thanks for the answer! It must be possible to program the EZ-Key to send those from 1 - 10. I have to figure out how to do that later.

But still it is not clear for me, how to send midi to the Kemper...
Is this the right way? :

1. I go to:  Settings / Remote Control / MIDI 1 Send
2. Bluetooth/USB Keyboard Messages / I choose for example: "5/enter" or an other message 1-10
3. MIDI System Messages / Start (??)
4. MIDI Controller Messages / I can see here only CC64-CC80. Would it be possible to send an hex code (for example: B4 1F 01 to turn on the tuner?)
5. MIDI Note Messages / Note 21-108. No idea what to do with this.

Or is this not the way to achieve it?

Thanks again!


To receive the input from the pedal and trigger some outgoing MIDI, you just need steps 1-2.

Then to send the outgoing MIDI, you need the instructions on this page:


WOW! Thank you Arlo, it's working right now :).
You're a genius.



Rene, I always thought I'd get an ez-key to build a pedal, but now I can't find one. Do you have a current source, or did you buy that a while back?

Does anyone know of an alternative that is just as simple? Thanks!


Hi Mattew, I've bought mine ez-key a year ago and it seems that they are not to buy anymore.
There is a cheap solution. You can a buy a bluetooth keyboard and use the the keys 0-9.
If you're handy, you can solder cables on the contacts of the circuitboard and attach these cables to up to 10 buttons.