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Print (or even copy) Automation Data?

Started by Ahiru, October 24, 2017, 09:30:08 AM

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Is there a way to print the automation events for a song?

As a workaround for handling back-to-back medleys of songs, I'll be creating new 'multi-song' songs that play a series of background track recordings plus synchronized automation (MIDI patch changes, lyric scrolling, etc.).  Since I think that means re-doing all the automation from the individual songs (ugh), it would be useful to have a reference of the original automation events (what, and exact time stamps).  So wondering if there's a file somewhere with this info I could reference (doesn't need to be pretty, just the data somehow).

(I use Windows for access, and iPads for performance)



You could go to each song, hold the automation button and select Edit, then take a screen shot.

If you want it in a text-based format, please submit a help ticket:


Thanks Arlo, I entered it.

(A screen shot of all the events is a good idea, but it shows timing rounded to seconds whereas it would be better to see the high-resolution time stamps that appear when you expand each event.)


Having a events list in a editable and printable way would be excellent.
Copying the list to another song would save a lot of repetitive work.

We would love to see the automation list with an option to use it in manual way.
Simply having a list of events that can be triggered manually to execute the next step.
ESP. With lighting triggered via midi from Bandhelper it would be a lot better just to step on a pedal in the right moment to execute the next scene.

Executing the steps by timer as it is now, is just impractical.


1) What kind of automation events are you wanting to copy to another song? If they're so generic that they can be used my multiple songs, maybe there's a better way to do what you want to do.

2) You can use the Next MIDI Preset or the MIDI Preset 1-10 remote control actions to trigger lighting changes from a foot switch.


1) i try to set up automation for lighting systems, the structure is quite similar in many songs:
Intro, strophe, refrain, strophe, refrain, Bridge and so on, ending with lights out, lights all white.
So I would reuse the structure and just change the cc.

2) is next midi preset a command in Bandhelper?
Some people do not like to use foot switches.
Wouldn't it be possible to add a button for layouts to do this ,next midi' action?


1) Okay, I'll put that on my wish list. Meanwhile, as of today's releases, you could attach some of the shared presets like "lights out" and "lights all white" to the layout and then trigger them from a song completion action if that helps.

2) No, the Next/Previous MIDI Preset action and similar actions are only available from a remote control device. This would include a foot switch, a handheld button, a drum pad or a programmable button on a keyboard.


Right now I use tb midi stuff, that allows to build up your own command screen for midi.
Pretty much the same as in Bandhelper.
It would be awesome to integrate some midi controls like in tb midi stuff to the designer in BH.


All right, that's on my wish list. Meanwhile, you could use something like TB Midi Stuff beside BandHelper in split-screen mode on iPads that support that.


In today's release, you can finally copy and paste automation tracks between songs. If you click and hold the automation button, you'll see the Copy and Paste options.