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Assigning Midi command to bluetooth pedal

Started by BradRWills, October 25, 2017, 02:24:46 PM

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Airturn BT105 - 4 Pedals, producing Left, Right, Up and Down.
Bandhelper on Ipad Air 2
ADJ MyDMX3.0 on PC, complete with Midi Module (full licence)
rtpMIDI using apple bonjour, setup and working perfectly

I have worked out how to trigger lighting from changing the song, via midi presets.  So as I scroll through songs on BH, it sends MIDI commands to MyDMX, which responds by changing the lighting scene.

I would like to be able to use the two additional pedals, to send a midi signal, which will always be the same, regardless of what song I'm looking will trigger the Blackout, and the Strobing scenea.  I dont need the button to do anything else in Band Helper - just send the assigned midi command (which will be the same globally)

I cannot work out how to do this - can anyone think of a workaround?

I see you can trigger Midi 1, Midi 2, Midi 3 etc in the remote control section - but my assumption is that this is midi preset 1 on the song, midi preset 2 in the song - etc?

any help appreciated - thanks


Right now, you would have to attach those two MIDI presets to every song, then map your foot switches to two of the MIDI 1-10 Send remote control messages.

In the next app version coming next week, you can instead attach those two MIDI presets to your layout. Then you can map your foot switches to two of the new Layout MIDI 1-10 Send remote control actions.