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[Solved] 3.2 - 1000+ song Smart List takes 15+ seconds to load

Started by chris@katsukurimedia, October 31, 2017, 01:41:05 AM

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I'm having the same problem. Doesn't move to next song - I'm concerned that its going to fail me during a gig. I cant tell from the previous posts what my options are... What should I do?
Thanks, Luanne


"Doesn't move to next song" sounds like a different issue. Submitting a help ticket would be best:


Quote from: arlo on November 01, 2017, 07:54:35 PM
I'm still waiting to hear the results of comparing the speed of your different layouts...
believe it or not, i haven't had time to revisit this until now. it's been a crazy holiday season...

anyway, i re-built my main layout from scratch, adding one element at a time to see if one of them caused the lag, or if it was the amount of elements that made it lag. my new layout was immediate with all the same elements!

so i realized it must be some specific setting and guess what it was - Song Numbers in the Song list. having the Layout generate song numbers AND starting each "set" - which in this case was different tags - made it pause for the 15+ seconds.

again, the previous versions did not have this pause, so something changed. but i can easily turn this off for a Smart List situation, compared to a Set List.

so i guess this is solved for now :D

Quote from: arlo on November 01, 2017, 02:10:04 PM
It will be the options in the song list that mainly determines the load time.

i see that you said this early on, but i forgot exactly what options were where to experiment back then.



It seems today's update has solved the original problem of 3.x having trouble with many Songs when adding the number to them in the list. I put the song numbering back on after the update and it is just as fast as not having the numbers. It's also overall faster than the previous version with and without numbers. This is great because I can have my Smart List arranged by Tags, yet still X out a song I did so I don't sing it again. Thanks!


You're right, that came up for another user and I looked again and found what was slowing it down and fixed that:

Sorry, I wasn't tracking this so I didn't notify you. I'm glad you discovered it yourself.