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How to manage 'End' Automation Event

Started by Ahiru, October 31, 2017, 12:28:02 PM

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I noticed that with 3.2 there appears a new Automation Event 'End' if any automations are (re)recorded.  It appears to be assigned a time matching whenever you last halted an automation recording (not necessarily matching the longest duration of a recording, latest event, etc.).

In previous workflows I'd often re-record automation only as long as needed to add a MIDI event, scroll event, etc., then stop by pressing the automation button.  There was no need to play out the entire song.  However, perhaps now I need to be aware of this End event?  (I see that it has no Remove option like other events)

Can you please describe how End behaves and should be managed if my intent is for the Song Completion to match the playout of the Recording (which in turn is triggered by the song's automation)?  (So far an 'early End event' in the song does not seem to keep it from playing out the recording and rest of automation events; i.e. works same as pre-3.2.)  But will I now need to manually edit the End time to match my song & recording duration after any time I (re)record automation, or OK to ignore it?

EDIT: I've also noticed that:
if you stop re-recording earlier than the timestamp of an existing End event, it does not alter the End event timing.
if you stop re-recording later than the timestamp of an existing End event, it does alter the End event timing.
This implies that once the End timestamp is set to match the end of the recording, it will stay there.  (But I'm still curious what it does and how best to manage it)



Yes, the end events are set when you stop recording an automation track. If you record again (overdub) onto the same track, the end event will be moved later if you record longer, but will not be moved earlier if you record shorter -- so overdubbing a small section of the automation track won't change the end event.

You can, but don't have to, record automation for the full duration of the song to set an end event. If you don't want to record for the full duration, you can just record until the last automation event, then edit the automation track and manually move the end event to match the full duration.

If you do not set the correct time for the end event, and you are playing a recording, the song completion action still won't be triggered until the recording finishes. In other words, an end event that occurs while a recording is playing will be ignored. So if you want to trigger song completion actions and you're using backing tracks, you can ignore the end events. I think the way I wrote the release notes was misleading, and I'm going to change that now.

The main purpose of the end event is to allow someone to trigger a song completion action without using backing tracks and without relying on the song elapsed time, which starts when the song is selected and doesn't take into account any time spent introducing the song or changing instruments before starting to play. Now the timing of the trigger is more explicit and directly controllable.