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Remote Control Song Selection on different iOS versions?

Started by funkydunc, November 05, 2013, 06:18:32 AM

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I play in a duo with my girlfriend who has Set List maker on a brand new 4th Gen iPad. I want to save money by buying a used 1st Generation iPad, as running Set List Maker is the only reason I need one.

We need to use the Song Selection Remote Control feature, so either of us can choose and open songs, and it will open on the other persons device.

Would Remote Control Song selection work on two iPads with different iOS versions, or would I need to upgrade the iOS on the old iPad.

Thanks  :)



That feature should work fine on an iPad 1. The iPad 1's iOS version is capped at 5.1.1, but the only thing that affects in Set List Maker currently is that you won't be able to edit or view text formatting on the built-in lyrics and chords fields.