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sync an automation track to a document

Started by tropx, November 08, 2017, 04:24:47 PM

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Is there any way to sync an automation track to a document? While programming MIDI events to a timeline for a document (Mp4), It is extremely time consuming because I have to run the song back to the beginning every time I want to make a correction or add an event. A visible timeline with moveable MIDI events would be FANTASTIC! I know that's a lot to ask, so is there just a way to lock the document and the automation track together so I could go straight to the section of the song that I want to edit? It took me 2 months to program 60 songs to control a POD500HD, VoiceLive 3 Xtreme, and DMX Lighting. By the way it all works beautifully.. have had no problems. But man! is it ever frustrating to have to start from the beginning every time to work on the last light scene on a 6 min. song.


A timeline style editing interface is on my to do list and I'll add a vote for you. But if you're sending a lot of events, you might be better off creating your MIDI sequences in a sequencing app and then just selecting and starting the sequences from Set List Maker.

If you need to add a events to an automation track, you don't need to play all the way through it in real time. You could just start recording and add an event, then stop recording and edit the automation track to move it to the desired time.


Thanks for the quick reply. I've tried entering an event then changing the time in the editor, that didn't work for me for some reason. I am very interested in triggering a sequencer app but wouldn't know where to begin. Could you recommend an app and would I trigger the app as an external MIDI device?
Very helpful info, greatly appreciated. Thanks


I know that some people use Ableton on a laptop, and then yes, you can trigger it as an external device. I think there are options you can run on an iPad, even the same device as Set List Maker, but I don't know for sure, sorry.


I would love to see something like a timeline editor where you could drop in midi events. And then label each section in the timeline based on sections you have created in the song for automating the scrolling/highlighting of that section. So if I have a song with the following info entered in to it.

BPM: 100
Duration: 3:00
Arrangement: V1:4, C1:2, V2:5, C2:4, B:2, C1:2, C2:4

I could do something like, at this measure/beat/time marker, send midi preset "Guitar Lead", and scroll to or highlight section V1. Then drive the entire arrangement of how the song is displayed by how the sections are arranged in the timeline. And maybe using metadata (whatever the term is), have shortcuts for stating how long each section is. V1:4, C1:2, V2:5, C2:4, B:2, C1:2, C2:4.  Then have Bandhelper spit out the initial timeline based on the arrangement info. The ability to quickly 'drag around' sections/midi events within the timeline for when at practice they say, oh, lets do C1 twice, and move the bridge over here instead...

In my case, I'm not looking to send a bunch of midi data. I just play with a band that uses an iPad app for click and some backing tracks (the app they use doesn't send MIDI currently). We get a count in and every song is pre-set to a specific BPM and arrangement. So I could have everything I need for arrangement/patch changes using the timeline. Then when the beginning of the song starts, I just trigger the automation track to start, which then should follow the BPM, and trigger presets/jumping to sections based on the timeline. Once it's figured out for the song, just hide it and enjoy the automation.

Hopefully all of that makes sense. This would be killer functionality (at least to me :) )


In the new app version 2022-12-12 released today, you can add the new Automation Controls item to a layout. This includes a slider to move around in the automation track, plus the waveform of associated recordings or videos and the location of existing automation events for reference. If you pause and add a new item to the automation track via the edit button, the time will default to the current playback time. This is shown in the last screen shot on this page: