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Setlist Maker or Band Helper...? Or both...?

Started by The Saint, November 09, 2017, 12:52:45 AM

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The Saint

Hi and thanks for allowing me on the forum.

I'm a gigging musical, solo, trio and five piece band. Like countless others, I've built up a library of songs which now take up many folders, most of which I take to a gig. Just in case someone asks for that song....!

I'm getting a tablet running Android and Windows to store all my songs for live use. They are all on PDF's on my iMac and are just simple lyrics, with chords above the lyric lines.

Now, I'm a bit of a dinosaur here. I've researched the various apps available and have come to the conclusion that SLM is the one to use. But then I found a problem...!

Band Helper came into the equation and I'm confused as to how that fits in with SLM. Is it an addition, or a replacement? Or a bit of both?

My needs are fairly simple. I need to store my songs, make setlists, maybe change the key and be able to use a Bluetooth pedal. The latter is sat on my desk looking forlornly at me, waiting for Amazon to sort out delivery of the tablet..!

I've explained things in some detail, as I know I will be back later, asking lots of other questions.

If anyone feels sorry for an old fella like me and would care to give some advice, please bear in mind that I need it in simple language.

If you get too technical I'll just doze off, fall off my perch and hurt myself. Now you wouldn't want that on your conscience, would you...!!




BandHelper is an alternative to Set List Maker. This forum post compares the two products:,1211.0.html

This chart shows the overlapping functionality:

You said you're getting a tablet that runs Android AND Windows? Please confirm that it runs Android, because my apps run on iOS and Android but not Windows.

BTW, you submitted two help tickets about this and we responded to both of them. You have a Hotmail email address and we've seen that Hotmail will skip the "mark as spam" step and just delete incoming messages with no warning. If you submit another help ticket and don't receive a confirmation message, please bookmark the ticket link so you can go back and check for replies. (Same goes for and email addresses.)

The Saint

Hi Arlo and thanks for getting back to me.

I've spent today (I've way too much time on my hands...) digging into the various tutorials and things are a bit clearer for me.  I've actually started to upload some of my PDF's to BH and created a set list, so big steps for me...! I think BH is the way to go for me.

I'll no doubt be asking lots more questions over the next few days, so bear with me. Is this the correct place to be asking general questions? If there's a more appropriate section, please feel free to move it.

Yes, my tablet runs Android AND Windows, although I intend to just use it as an Android device. I understand that you don't support Windows.

Regarding the two tickets, I remember that it didn't appear to send, so I must have hit the button twice. Sorry...!

I have checked Hotmail, no reply received. I've not experienced mails being deleted before reaching the spam folder, but then I suppose I wouldn't know...! Again, apologies for giving you extra work.



Yes, this is fine for general question. A help ticket is better if you think you've found a bug because then we have more troubleshooting options.