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Can this be done?

Started by wodehouse, November 16, 2017, 03:44:02 AM

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Hello - I have been using SongSheet Pro to automate scrolling to individual verses / choruses etc with ease. This works very well and isvery easy to implement. However, the App doesn't have midi options.

Therefore, I bought SetListMaker last week with all the available options.

To be honest, I'm finding it very confusing. I seem to have to jump from one section to another and back again to achieve simple things.

My main problem at present is I cannot figure out how to scroll/jump to lyrics in time to the backing track.

Here's a link to a movie of how easy it is in SongSheet Pro.

Is this possible with SetListMaker?

I've looked through the getting started documentation online and it seems to suggest it can be done. But when I try and try and follow the instructions it doesn't seem to make sense.

i realise this is user error.

Are there any 'specific' movies available that wlak through the whole process clearly?



Here it is on YouTube.

Soundcloud converted it to audio only!!!


If you want the lyrics to smoothly and continuously scroll as you play, you can set up auto-scrolling:

If you want the lyrics to jump to different points at specific times, you can record an automation track:

If you want the lyrics to jump to predefined sections like verse, chorus, bridge, you can add markers before recording an automation track: at 1:56

If you're still finding the app navigation confusing, I'd recommend the Getting Started tutorial before getting into these more complex features: