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Auto metronome

Started by ElleBiba, November 18, 2017, 05:59:33 AM

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Hi there,

I connected 2 iPads with mine per WIFI. Mine is the master.
In some songs I have set the Tempo to activate the metronome, witch is automatic blinking by select a song.
The master is selecting the songs and the two connected are selecting the song automatically.
But on one iPad of the two connected iPads the metronome doesn't blink automatically.

What setting have I to set, that also this iPad's metronome is blinking by select a song per master?

Please help!

Nice regards


You can go to Layouts > [layout name] > Edit Details > Actions and set Tempo Start/Stop to Song Selection.

However, it's unlikely that the tempos would be synced across the linked devices. You will probably need to look at the master device for a visual tempo, or run audio from the master device for an aural tempo.

Awash (drums)


Just want to let ElleBiba know that there is to much time difference (latency) between devices for propper sync.
Tried it between Ipad2, Iphone 4/6.
Also no blinking of the metronome icon when devices are linked.

ElleBina, if you've found an solution - please let me know.

Bertwin (awash drums)