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Using SLM as master clock for iOS synth apps.

Started by Duffage, November 19, 2017, 07:03:54 AM

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Using Setlist Maker to send MIDI presets and MIDI clock to four external keyboards.
No problem, works great.
Using Setlist Maker as the master clock for Arturia iSem and/or Moog Model 15, both running on the same iPad, not great.
ISem Arps and sequences play "jerky", and Model 15's tempo indicator shows 30 bpm faster than the clock speed on SLM as well as also playing at an inconsistent, jerky-like tempo.
I believe I have all switches and buttons on the apps and iPad in their proper positions.
Is there a solution or another piece of the puzzle that I need?

IPad Air version 10

Update: Installed MidiBus app and internal synths are clocking solidly.


What are you using the beat clock for on the external keyboards?

What do you mean by "internal synths are clocking solidly"?


I use the SLM clock for syncing arps, drum patterns, sequences and tempo based FX's on my external synths (Roland Juno Stage, Yamaha S90, Novation UltraNova and DeepMind 12.) using an iRig 2 as the interface to a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru, to each synth, on separate MIDI channels per synth.
The internal synth apps (iSem, Moog Model 15) wouldn't clock properly with the SLM clock.
(fluctuating tempos, skipped beats, )
By "solidly", I mean the MIDIBus solved the internal synth's tempo problems from SLM's clock out.

All is good!


Okay, great. If you have time, it might be helpful for others to describe what you did in MidiBus. I haven't heard of inter-app MIDI being erratic like this.


I opened iSem, Moog 15, SLM and MIDIBus. Selected the synths from the transport screen in MIDIBus to receive the clock from SLM. Started the SLM clock and hit the "play" button in MIDIBus. Voila! You can alternatively use the clock in MIDIBus as well as assign time signatures, but my SLM is configured on a song by song basis to send patch changes and tempos so it was simpler for me to keep using that as the master clock. The MIDIBus also monitors events and latency for each app.
I tried everything I knew, which is not too much, to get the inter-app MIDI to sync correctly before trying this approach for $2.99. 🙂