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Started by matthew_, November 23, 2017, 04:39:15 PM

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Getting started with luminair and having trouble with the commands. I have a port setup for luminair and have it set to channel 16 on both BH and luminair. When I go and setup some presets in BH then try to learn them in luminair, they not seem to be coming through as program changes, which is what I have used in the preset. It's recognized as control change 00 in luminair. Only the last scene "learned" responds to the presets and it responds to both presets I have made. So, for example I "learn" scenes 1 and 2 with presets 1 and 2, which are set to program change 1 and 2. Once completed, both presets in BH fire the second preset in luminair.
Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot.


Hello Matthew. I responded to your personal email.


Was able to find the issue. Everything was setup correctly but for some reason luminair doesn't like zeros in the MSB and LSB columns. When I left those blank, luminair correctly recognized the commands as program changes.

Since Ruckman gave such a good rundown of the process I'm including it here for future reference, with his permission.

Quote from: Ruckman65 on November 23, 2017, 08:11:12 PM
Hello Matthew. I took me months of mucking about to get it working but it is well worth the effort.

You should enter your numbers into the Program Changes area, not the Control Changes area, which it sounds like you may have done.

I will run through my process of attaching scenes.

Firstly, my Luminair is set up to run under sACN rather than Art-Net though this may not make any difference to your setup. In Luminair, the Midi Interface is set to Multiple. Once again, I am not sure if this will make any difference to your setup. You need to ensure that the lighting profiles you have entered into Luminair are exactly right. I had created some lighting profiles for 400 lighting scenes. They worked fine for a while but then Luminair spat the dummy and none of the scenes worked. I had to recreate the lighting profiles precisely as any error could cause them to fail again. I then had to recreate the 400+ scenes! So, just make sure your lighting profiles are 100% accurate.

In BH, I have set up midi devices on separate channels which allows me to run 256 scenes under each channel. Each of the channels is set to Network Session 1. For example, midi device one is called Luminair C1, set to Network Session 1 on Channel 1. The numbering is set to 0-127. In each actual midi preset, there are entries for Program Changes and for Control Changes. Enter your numbers in the Program Changes field. This should also show the names of your midi devices. For example, in Luminair C1 (my first midi device) I have entered the number 10 in the third column, being the Program field.  You will see Bank MSB    Bank LSB     Program.

I set midi learn in Luminair then click on the appropriate scene. The dialog box opens. Back to BH midi presets. Tap on the midi icon next to the name of your midi preset. Go back to Luminair and, if it all goes to plan, the dialog box should show the designated details.

Try that and see how you go. [\quote]