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Distribution Question

Started by Geeman, April 01, 2017, 09:31:49 AM

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I just noticed the Distribution feature has changed a bit (yep, I'm a little behind in the updates).  There used to be a "Distribution" button, I think, and now there is a "Saved" column.  I'm not sure now what all this means.  After I log in income from a gig, do I need to make a "Distribution" entry for each band member now?



The Distribute button should still be there, if anybody in the band is owed anything.

The Saved button shows each band member's share of the money that has been added to a fund, like a bank account or an album recording fund.

You should only make a Distribution entry when you pay money to band members. So if you get paid after a gig and immediately distribute the money to the band, you should log a distribution for each band member. But if you hold the money to be spent on something for the band or paid out later, then you wouldn't log distributions that day.