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Changing Foot Switches

Started by Jrusto, December 14, 2017, 12:30:25 PM

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I have 2 different multieffects pedals that I use with BandHelper.  I use midi presets in BandHelper to change the patch on each pedal.  I have it set up so that when I touch the next song in the playlist, it changes my patch on the pedal.  I implemented a strategy that sends the Pedal specific patch to the pedal by user name.  For simplicity I use a Line 6 Helix and as a backup and practice facility pedal I use the Line 6 POD 500X HD.  So I set up a user called Helix and jrusto. When I login as the user Helix, BH correctly sends the right patch to the Pedal.  When I login with jrusto BH sends the patch to the POD. 

I also have different patch set(bank) for single coil and humbucker patches on the Helix and I use the User Helix and scHelix to send the right patch to the Helix based upon whether the guitar is single coil or humbucker.

Now the problem.  When the iPad is offline like at a typical venue, I cannot switch users causing me not to be able to use my backup system or switch patches based on type of guitar pickup.

Is there a way I can login Offline or can you incorporate that into BandHelper.  Or a way to tell BandHelper which device is attached.


I wouldn't recommend this approach. You shouldn't have to create extra users to do what you want. Also, changing from one user to another in the app isn't supported. (You would need to remove the account, then re-add it with the new username, which will download the correct data for the new user.)

I would just go ahead and send the MIDI data for both pedals all the time, and the data for the pedal that isn't connected won't go anywhere or do anything.

If you're concerned about that, you could deactivate one MIDI device or another depending on what pedal is present, assuming you already set up a MIDI device for each pedal.


Thanks for getting back with me.  I understand what you are saying and it makes sense for 2 pedals and I will employ that. 

The other issue that the Helix pedal has 2-3 set lists/Banks that I use.  In one bank I have tones for my single coil guitars (more highs and lower output), the other is for my humbucker (less highs and higher output) guitars.  The strategy I am using as stated above works well for that scenario.  Is there a different strategy I could use for this situation.  One pedal - 2 different banks, one touch chooses the correct bank.  I realize that I could just touch the midi preset button and select the right one manually but sometimes songs are so close together that it is difficult. If not I will continue to make a user selection before I leave for the gig or find WiFi and login with the other user at the gig.

Thank you.


Do you mean that for a given song, you sometimes want to use one group of MIDI presets and sometimes a different group, depending on what guitar you're using that night?