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No MIDI communication between Setlist Maker and Yamaha MO6 or MO8

Started by yamahap200, August 13, 2021, 10:47:34 AM

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Hi, I need some assistance. I have used Setlist Maker for some time now with MIDI with my Korg Keyboards, which allowed me to use SLM to switch my program patches automatically via MIDI.

This issue I am trying now is involves a Yamaha MO6/08 keyboard.  I tried connecting configuring everything the same as I have from Korg/SLM but it seems that no MIDI data is communicating.  I have check the Yamaha keyboard Midi settings ans I see that it's enabled to use USB Midi, using midi channel 1 , and set list maker is setup to use midi channel one. 

Does anyone have the Yamaha M06/08 Keyboards that uses SML for a similar MIDI purpose.  I'm thinking something is not configured on the Yamaha MIDI settings correctly.

Using an iPad with Set List Maker installed with USB camera kit connection (cable connection between Yamaha M06/08 and iPad).

If you have a similar setup- Please indicate what the MIDI settings should be configured within the utilities settings. 


Make sure your midi in an out under "utility" is on usb for starters.... I can help you with this if you like the biggest issue with Yamaha boards motif in particular is their framework isn't class have to insert a line of raw data I'm order to change from voice to performance to master etc.....